Would you rather settle your disputes at the kitchen table,
or in the courtroom? 


The first may cost you a pitcher of tea, beer, or whatever, and maybe some snacks, pizza, or who knows, a steak dinner? Weigh that in comparison to a courtroom. There will be lawyers, a bailiff, court personnel, a judge, jurors (your peers, but people you don’t even know). There will be added stresses. Will you win? Or lose?  


(Note:  lawyers in a courtroom or there to win!) 


Instead of a “win-lose” outcome, why not a “win-win” outcome? Consider that most lawsuits filed in courts do not go to trial, but are “disposed of” by dismissal, summary judgment, or mediation. Many courts order parties to mediation, so why not try mediation before filing suit?


Some matters cannot be resolved without filing a lawsuit, but many can.