Despite her various professions as a purchasing agent for engineering projects in the oil and gas industry, a division order title analyst, a board certified civil trial paralegal, and a multiple-lines insurance broker, Andrea Hoxie’s heart has always belonged to ministry, to helping others.  She is co-founder of New Covenant Ministries.  Even when her partner in ministry walked away, she kept NCM alive, believing that one day it would be the vehicle by which she could reach more, and do more, for others.

After being stricken with Sarcoidosis in mid-1996, Andrea Hoxie was bedridden for almost two years. Unable to return to work, she occupied herself with pursuing her first insurance license. It was not until 2005, however, when her mother was disenrolled from her Medicare plan without her knowledge, that Andrea became interested in insurance, and particularly Medicare. She has since been actively engaged in educating seniors and the disabled about their rights, responsibilities and options with regard to health insurance and related products and services.  Why is this important to NCM?  


This:  In 2009, on a visit with a prospective client, a disabled Vietnam veteran, a diabetic who could not afford his injectable medications, who had no transportation, was in dire need of dental prosthesis, and could access VA benefits to extract his few remaining teeth, but not replace any, she finally found the nerve to ask him about his income.   He was living on $770 Social Security, and waiting, hoping to be successful with his “agent orange” claim.   Noting that his current Medicare plan was not a “dual” plan, she asked if he had Medicaid.  He asked, “what’s that?”   After explaining, she offered to help him apply.  Returning home, she sat at her computer and completed an application using the information he provided.  She was uncomfortable about “pretending to be him,” but wanted to help.   Two months later on a return visit, the veteran showed Andrea his Medicaid card.  With that, she assisted him in enrolling in a Medicare plan that covered his injectable medications, and provided transportation and dentures.  Andrea then decided to incorporate “income” questions whenever she perceived there might be a similar circumstances.  Wanting to maintain integrity, she sought to do things “the right way,” and discovered that a non-profit organization like NCM could “partner” with Texas Health & Human Services and provide applicants with assistance in applying for Medicaid and other benefits.   This also requires that she walk away from prospective clients in her insurance business to avoid conflicts of interest.  In those instances, she refers them to agents she trusts.   Her philosophy is that doing the right thing may be a short-term loss, but at the end of the day, it is always a long-term gain.


Andrea was ordained into the Gospel Ministry on 9 June 2002.  Her pulpit is wherever she may be to spread the Good News, to allow the Gospel that happened to her, work through her in whatever activity she happened to be engaged.  Her “sermons” are not so many words spewed from her mouth, but are lived out in the way she treats others.



Occupational Philosophy                                                                                                   

What I Believe is Reflected by What I Do for the People I Serve


I respect the conventions of mainstream society, while understanding that change takes place with out-of-the-box thinking.


I believe that –

            everything that is “new” is not new and improved; and

            everything that is “old” is not old and lousy


I further believe that –

            confusion breeds chaos;

            chaos is negative and destructive;

            order nurtures peace;

            peace is positive, constructive, and powerful.


I seek to embrace the stability of tried, true, and established practices and procedures, while weeding out that which stifles growth, progress and improvement of individuals and organizations.



Designations, Licenses and Certifications


2016   Medicare Set-Aside Certified Consultant, International Commission on Health Care Certification


2016   Texas All Lines Insurance Adjuster


2014   South Carolina Licensed Agent


2013   Certified Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act Professional, National Association of Health Underwriters


2002   Ordained Minister of the Gospel


2001   NASA/NNA Certified Signing Agent

1999   Texas Insurance Agent (Multiple Lines since 2007)


1995   Authorized Private Process Server (originally in Harris County, now for the State of Texas, SCH #650)


1995   Board Certified Paralegal, Civil Trial Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization


1992   Mediator



Organizational Affiliations


National Crime Prevention Association

National Association of Land Title Examiners and Abstractors

National Association of Professional Agents

Bethel’s Place Chamber of Commerce

American Association of Notaries Public

Houston Ebony Opera Guild

Houston Master Singers

Texas Retired Teachers Association

New Covenant Ministries

South Main Baptist Church

National Association of Health Underwriters (inactive)

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